Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are We ?

History is largely told as a chronicle of great people doing great things, but for most of us life is not made up of big moments, it’s made up of small moments. And with every small choice, with every small decision, we are defining ourselves. Are we proud of ourselves, or are we disappointed by who we have become ? Life rarely turns out the way that we planned. The unexpected happens, and it surprises us with new and exciting possibilities.

But sooner or later, reality will hits us in the face.Does people beside us will always be there forever ? Does Friendship and Love will be stronger day by day ? Does people will see us bad everytime ? Does we will be a good friend ? Does ignorance is the best policy ? Does all the quarrel will turn out better ? Does we will always be ourselves without pretending to be somebody else ? Does we will look further without turning back ? Does all the madness will stop and never come again ? Does all this crap will go away tomorrow ? Does this life will show us some justice and mercy ?

Then only we realize, what life is all about. The world in life itself does not lead us to who we should be and to whom we should trust ? Not to blame anyone but that is just a sad part of life.